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Is Aphantasia Hereditary?

My pursuit to determine if aphantasia is hereditary was preceded by the discovery that I have aphantasia. I had never heard of it before. My inability…

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Understanding the Nuances of My Aphantasia

Do I, or don’t I, have aphantasia? Just answering that seemingly simple question can be very confusing. How do I know if I have aphantasia? I learned…

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Hypnosis with Aphantasia

Close your eyes and visualize… I recently wrote about meditation with aphantasia. Specifically, how guided meditation can exacerbate the (sometimes subliminal) states of confusion, frustration, shame,…

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Meditation and Aphantasia

Close your eyes and visualize… Seems super simple, right? A five-word instruction that, for most of the population, is easy to follow. Whether it’s for guided…

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Aphantasia – “Mind Blindness” – The inability to visualize mental images

People with #aphantasia are unable to visualize mental images.

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