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CBD for Anxiety Relief Gone Wrong

Have you ever suffered a severe adverse reaction to #CBD? I did, and I am a cannabis advocate who has used CBD for anxiety relief many times in the past.

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panic disorder

Surviving Acute Panic Disorder That Lay Dormant for 20 Years

Nothing compares to, nor could have prepared me for, the trauma of surviving acute panic disorder that lay dormant for twenty years.

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The 2 Decade Evolution of My Mental Health

With Mental Health Awareness Month coming to a close in Canada and the US, what follows is the evolution of my mental health.

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Misleading headlines about cannabis. Due diligence is key.

I think we can all agree that controlled, scientific studies on the (medical) benefits of Cannabis are sorely lacking. With its popularity surging globally and people demanding/clammering for legalization, no doubt these studies will be forthcoming in the very near future. Having said that, patient-based information, collected through user tracking apps like Strainprint, and websites like Leafly and Lift&Co, paint…

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How to get a medical cannabis prescription in Canada (when your doctor won’t discuss it).

While the process to get a medical cannabis prescription is getting easier, it can still be daunting and the process difficult to navigate. Here I share some of the basics.

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Feeling #Hopeless – the cruelty of #depression

Depression robs you of your ability to feel the good while simultaneously amplifying the bad.

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