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CBD for Anxiety Relief Gone Wrong

Have you ever suffered a severe adverse reaction to #CBD? I did, and I am a cannabis advocate who has used CBD for anxiety relief many times in the past.

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Feeling Unworthy of My Anxiety

Raised by parents who endured fierce hardships, I was raised not to complain. When anxiety became my reality, I felt unworthy of it.

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I’m the Newest Author of the HealthyPlace ‘Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog’

I have long since shared my experiences with anxiety and depression here on my Cascading Insights personal blog. My recent battle with acute anxiety and panic…

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Surviving Acute Panic Disorder That Lay Dormant for 20 Years

Nothing compares to, nor could have prepared me for, the trauma of surviving acute panic disorder that lay dormant for twenty years.

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In 2013 and 2014, I wrote many articles on Coping with Depression for Below is a list of my offerings. Are You Still On Your…

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The evolution of my Mental Health; 2 decades in the making

With Mental Health Awareness Month coming to a close in Canada and the US, what follows is the evolution of my mental health.

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