Understanding the Nuances of My Aphantasia

Do I, or don’t I, have aphantasia?

Just answering that seemingly simple question can be very confusing. How do I know if I have aphantasia?

I learned the term aphantasia a few months ago. I was participating in a hypnotherapy session where I was asked to visualize. Frustrated – as this wasn’t my first time being asked to visualize – I told the practitioner that I couldn’t visualize. Casually – as I guess I wasn’t her first client who couldn’t visualize – she told me that I have aphantasia. This word rocked my world. Firstly, because the inability to visualize had an actual term associated with it – aphantasia. Secondly, that people who can visualize, depending on their level of capability, picture things in their mind’s eye as though they are literally seeing them. Read more of my newest article on how I navigate the nuances of my Aphantasia on the Aphantasia Network.

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