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Hypnosis with Aphantasia

Close your eyes and visualize…

I recently wrote about meditation with aphantasia. Specifically, how guided meditation can exacerbate the (sometimes subliminal) states of confusion, frustration, shame, and inadequacy aphantasics feel when asked to visualize, which is how most guided meditations begin. My experience with hypnosis with aphantasia was annoyingly similar. Continue reading at Aphantasia.com.

Feature image by David Zydd from Pixabay.

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5 thoughts on “Hypnosis with Aphantasia”

  1. I went to a hypnotist once a week for over a year when I was at university in the 90’s. It was all about picturing this or that, but nothing ever happened. Ever. It didn’t benefit me at all. Money down the drain.
    I was really struggling remembering the work more than I should of. At the time I thought it was my poor memory, but recently I learnt I suffer from Aphantasia, which better describes the issues I have. Instead of being able to picture pages of calculations in my mind, I feel I have to store everything in ‘active’ memory. A bit like RAM computer memory instead of ROM.
    Once I heard about Aphantasia it was a massive weight off my mind, it explained everything. I had always just assumed everyone had a blank canvas of a mind like me. With this new information I asked lots of friends about their minds and found out they can all really see things!
    Good luck to everyone out there living with Aphantasia.


    1. Hi Obadiah. I apologize for not replying to your comment last year! I wasn’t notified that I had a comment. Regardless, thank you for sharing your experience. I love your analogy of RAM versus ROM. I used to work in IT so that analogy really resonated with me as I’m always looking for new ways to describe my aphantasia to others.

      I encourage you to go to aphantasia.com and become a member. It’s so beneficial to connect with other aphants. Best of luck!


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