Aphantasia Blogs

While I’ve always known that I can’t visualize, I only discovered aphantasia by name in early 2021. Welcome to my aphantasia journey.

Hypnopompia: Between Sleep and Awake – Where Someone with Aphantasia May “See” Imagery

My imagination is blind, meaning I can’t visualize. This neurodiversity is called aphantasia, and I was born with it. When I close my eyes and try to imagine something—an animal, a landscape, a person—all I see is black and grey and sometimes lava-lamp-like splotches of light purple and white. That’s the extent of my visual imagery. But, on those rare…

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Is Aphantasia Hereditary? – A Personal Exploration

My pursuit to answer the question—is aphantasia hereditary?— was preceded by the discovery that I have aphantasia. I had never heard of it before. My inability to visualize—aphantasia… also known as image-free imagination—had a name! Fascinated, I immediately took to Google to search: If you clicked the link on the history of aphantasia, you read that the term “aphantasia” was…

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Understanding the Nuances of My Aphantasia

Knowing I have aphantasia is one thing. Understanding the nuances of my aphantasia is another thing entirely. I learned the term aphantasia a few months ago. I was participating in a hypnotherapy session where I was asked to visualize. Frustrated—as this wasn’t my first time being asked to visualize—I told the practitioner that I couldn’t visualize. Casually—as I guess I wasn’t her first client…

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Hypnosis with Aphantasia

Close your eyes and visualize… I recently wrote about meditation with aphantasia. Specifically, how guided meditation can exacerbate the (sometimes subliminal) states of confusion, frustration, shame, and inadequacy aphantasics feel when asked to visualize, which is how most guided meditations begin. My experience with hypnosis with aphantasia was annoyingly similar. Continue reading at Aphantasia.com. Feature image by David Zydd from…

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