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News about #violence is everywhere. What’s a person to do?

Violence is everywhere. That’s nothing new. What’s new (relatively speaking) are the 24-hour news channels, and online news and social media platforms that put the violence front-and-centre…

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I used to cry at sirens

When I was little, I used to cry at sirens. Ambulance, police, firetruck. It didn’t matter. And, I heard them a good thirty seconds before my…

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Blood Saved my Mom’s Life

On June 27th 1956, my brother Michael was born. On June 27th 1956, my brother Michael died due to complications during childbirth. On June 27th 1956,…

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Duped by Dr. Oz – But, it’s my own damned fault!

I’ve had trouble with my weight since puberty. So what else is new. I’m like a million other women with the same challenge. This year, I’ll…

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Who Am I?

I am… daughter… sister… wife… mother… grandmother… dog-lover… retired from corporate life… active writer.  I am an extroverted introvert insomuch as I am naturally an introvert…

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