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Cleaning and Anxiety

Nobody likes cleaning. Wait. That’s not right, because I’ve known people who enjoy cleaning as it provides a sense of accomplishment or something else I can’t comprehend. Not me. I hate cleaning. Especially the big jobs. They give me anxiety. Of course, I procrastinate, the job gets bigger, and my anxiety increases. So I procrastinate some more. And again and again. A circle of procrastination and anxiety that eventually must be tackled. Continue reading on

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Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

How Much Sleep Is Too Much Sleep?

I sleep a lot. I always have. From a certain point of view, I’m lucky that I can sleep, but it’s rarely enough. This was worse when I had young children to look after, plus a house, a spouse, and a full-time job that had me up nights resolving issues. Like so many working people worldwide, my remedy to combat sleepiness and fatigue was to guzzle coffee. But I’m retired now, a young retiree at 57. I had hoped to be full of energy without the burden of full-time work. I thought once I retired and got ample regulated sleep, that the feeling of sleepiness would go away. It hasn’t. Continue reading on

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