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Understanding My Guilt and Shame Is Helping Me Heal

Understanding the guilt and shame elicited by my acute panic and anxiety, both when it occurred and months later during therapy, is helping me heal.

Mental Health, Anxiety, Panic, Trauma

Positive Affirmations and Adaptive Thoughts Resulting From Therapy

As positive affirmations are said with forethought, they may seem forced. Coupled with therapy, adaptive thoughts soon emerge to help reframe distressing events.

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How I Feel After EMDR Therapy

A little while ago I wrote about my experience with eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. I had never heard of EMDR until my therapist, who specializes in trauma therapy, introduced it to me as a way to treat the panic and anxiety I experience associated with a trauma I recently suffered. Now, I'd like to share a video on how I feel… Continue reading How I Feel After EMDR Therapy

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My Experience With EMDR Trauma Therapy

Therapy can be grueling sometimes. Anybody who tells you differently is either lying or trying to soften the blow. Regardless, they've done you a disservice, in my opinion. In order to reap the benefits of therapy, a commitment to work hard in partnership with your therapist is required. I've engaged in trauma therapy to help with… Continue reading My Experience With EMDR Trauma Therapy

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Acute Panic – Looking for Answers Where None Exist

I've had panic and anxiety since I was a child, undiagnosed, of course. I remember waking up out of a sound sleep in the middle of a panic attack, although I didn't know that's what it was at the time. My parents said I was having bad dreams, which I'm sure made sense to them.… Continue reading Acute Panic – Looking for Answers Where None Exist

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How I Coped With an Unexpected Anxiety Trigger

Anxiety and panic symptoms can occur seemingly out of the blue, triggering fight-or-flight responses unexpectedly.

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CBD for Anxiety Relief Gone Wrong

Have you ever suffered a severe adverse reaction to #CBD? I did, and I am a cannabis advocate who has used CBD for anxiety relief many times in the past.

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Surviving Acute Panic Disorder That Lay Dormant for 20 Years

Nothing compares to, nor could have prepared me for, the trauma of surviving acute panic disorder that lay dormant for twenty years.

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Managing Mental Illness – Will I ever truly be well?

Mental illness is a shit-show. To combat it, one must always be on the look out, watching for signs and symptoms of recurrence. When detected, one must pull out the big guns, as it were - the weapons of learned coping skills , methodologies, medications, and support team - with the constant hope that thusly… Continue reading Managing Mental Illness – Will I ever truly be well?

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Triggered Anxiety – close your eyes, breathe, and be mindful of what you CAN control

Mindfulness - can it help with triggered anxiety?