Anxiety, dissociation, Mental Health, Panic Disorder, Trauma

Recognizing Symptoms of Dissociation

Feelings of dissociation can be terrifying. On top of the already horrific acute, prolonged panic symptoms I was suffering, in an out-of-body utter state of confusion, I looked at my husband and asked, “Are you going to have me committed?” Continue reading on

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Anxiety, dissociation, Mental Health

When Confrontation Triggers Anxiety

We’ve all had to make that dreaded call to customer service to report an issue. Something has gone wrong, so you’re already ticked off, but you do your best to proceed politely. Or, at least, I do. Most times, the issue is resolved quickly and with minimal upset. But then there’s that one frustrating experience where nothing goes right, and the resolutions are unacceptable, which triggers so much anxiety that you feel you’ll either explode or simply shut down. Continue reading on

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