Anxiety, Mental Health, Panic, Trauma

A Successful Return to the Place Where Trauma Occurred

Last summer I suffered weeks of traumatizing panic and anxiety. After a year of hard work in trauma therapy, I successfully returned to where the worst of it occurred.

suicide and intrusive thoughts
Anxiety, Intrusive thoughts, Mental Health, Panic, Suicide, Trauma

Where Thoughts of Suicide and Intrusive Thoughts Converge

In 2012, I stared at a palmful of pills intent on suicide. Recently, I suffered bouts of disturbing intrusive thoughts. Seeking support saved me.

hobby helps my anxiety
Anxiety, Mental Health, Panic, Trauma

How Having a Hobby Helps My Anxiety

Having a hobby helps my anxiety. Doing pottery helps channel my thoughts and energy in a new direction. It gets me out of my head and gives me a renewed sense of accomplishment.

Anxiety, Mental Health, Panic, Trauma

Understanding My Guilt and Shame Is Helping Me Heal

Understanding the guilt and shame elicited by my acute panic and anxiety, both when it occurred and months later during therapy, is helping me heal.

Mental Health, Anxiety, Panic, Trauma

Positive Affirmations and Adaptive Thoughts Resulting From Therapy

As positive affirmations are said with forethought, they may seem forced. Coupled with therapy, adaptive thoughts soon emerge to help reframe distressing events.